Sexual Education In High School Essay

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I think sexual education should be taught in high school. Although this can be a very controversial topic among parents and educators there are many solid reasons why this is important knowledge for teens. Students need to be aware of the risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections. There are many kinds of STIs, and high school kids need to be aware of all of them. They need to know the short and long term effects of these infections, which are the most common and which are the most dangerous, and the difference between viruses and bacterias. Students need to know how they can be contracted, and how to treat them. Schools provide information about STIs that would be very hard to come by outside of school. Teachers often show their students pictures of the infections, which can be startling but are also affective. Kids would often think to themselves: that would never happen to me. But viewing real cases of real STIs show kids that it is real, and they need to know the risks. High school kids also need to be educated about pregnancy. They need to know how it works, where the eggs come from and what the sperm is. To some this may seem like basic knowledge, but others, who don't have access to this information, need to understand how it woks. They need to know the consequences of having a baby. The fact is 90% of teen parents live in poverty and the majority of teen couples who have babies do not stay together. There are many risks for the baby's health that result from teen births. It is very expensive to have a child and the parents need to be aware. Teens who get pregnant also need to know the options available to them. They have three main choices available to them: abortion, adoption, and having the baby. If the parents are not educated in this area, they may make an uneducated decision. Possibly the most important reason that teens need to be educated
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