Application Activity 1

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Name: CMST 341: Application Activity #1 (Chs. 1 & 2) Worksheet Instructions: Read the Application Activity #1 Case Study and respond to the following questions. Your completed worksheet should be approximately 3-4 pages, double-spaced. |1.) What type of organizational culture (e.g., Theory X, Theory Y) would you say this company has? Explain your reasoning by providing specific | |examples. | |I think that the organizational culture at Sporting Quarterly resembles that of Theory X (p. 59) specifically because the employees there do not | |like change. They are resistant to the changes in technology as well as the changes in staff. A lot of them speak negatively about Kim, I think | |that part of this is because she is from another culture and they do not like that change. It also seems that specifically David was being | |self-centered on this particular day. He placed blame on Kim even though it could easily have been his own fault for not being clear with his | |instructions. He also clearly did not realize, or care that Kim had been working hard all day to finish many projects and had forgone her own | |breaks to help everyone else. Another reason why I think they resemble Theory X is because everyone brings their requests to Kim, they have little| |desire to try to do things on their own and take everything to someone else to be done. | |2.) Discuss the cross-cultural implications of using a request form as the communication channel for making requests. Comment on its | |appropriateness in this situation and describe suitable channel alternatives that would help make communication in this organization more

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