Cm/206 Interpersonal Communication Case Study

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Unit 6 Assignment Debra Sightler October 27, 2014 CM 206: Interpersonal Communications Prof: Susan Mcllwain 1. From the interaction does it seem to you that Alan is actively listening? Why or why not? I don’t believe Alan was actively listening. With watching the video, Alan was dreading the “employee’s evaluation from the very beginning, this was something he did not like doing. The case with Gretchen, he seemed to me to be in the attack mode. He was prejudging her as to why she was not turning the work out faster. As our text explains, “When we prejudge others’ communication, we sacrifice learning information and new perspectives that might enlarge our thinking (Van Styke, 1999). I believe Alan thought she was probably just being slack, in reality Gretchen was taking her time and getting the jobs done with high standards. 2. Describe how Alan’s opening thoughts on his job, narrated in the video, affect his approach to the performance reviews. Does Alan’s view of his…show more content…
* Alan needs to improve on being mindful on a person to person basis. He needs to treat each employee as an individual. In our text it states “to being mindful we need to put aside any preoccupations, preconceptions and attend fully to what is happening in the moment” (Wood, J., 2012 pg161). * Alan tried different approaches when evaluating Gretchen and the male employee but still was ambushing both employees; Alan was listening, but was taking the information and using it against them. He needs to take each situation and act differently upon it. He needs to adapt his listening skills appropriately to each different individual. “We need to be skilled in a variety of listening behaviors and to know when each is appropriate” (Wood, J., 2012

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