The Sundale Club

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The Sundale Club Case Analysis Paula Huggard Organizational Development The Sundale Club’s reputation as the largest most prestigious athletic/social club in the city could be in jeopardy because of loss of members and dissention within the staff. In the past a waiting list had been utilized to fill vacancies in memberships, but that list has been exhausted. Bob Watts, the Director, is considering a membership drive, however the drives success could be hindered because of recent inappropriate actions by Chuck Johnson, the Men’s Activities Manager.1 Complaints about the actions of Chuck Johnson, by both members and staff, have been ignored and left unaddressed. The friendship of Chuck Johnson and Athletic Director Ted Ellis is hindering Ted’s ability to be impartial and address the issues presented to him. Because of this situation, the staff is reluctant to bring their concerns regarding Johnson’s behavior to management for fear of repercussions.1 Johnson’s inappropriate behavior has directly caused the club to lose numerous members. These behaviors could also impact the membership drive. Offended members will tell friends and acquaintances about Johnson’s actions at the club. Potential members may be reluctant to join a club that appears to condone this type of behavior. The friendship between Johnson and Ellis has caused Frank Havens, the Assistant Athletic Director, to hesitate in approaching Ellis with the complaints he has received about Johnson from both members and staff. This hesitation to take action has caused his staff to start questioning his abilities as a manager. When Havens finally approaches Ellis with the complaints, Ellis becomes extremely defensive. Bob Watts also diminished the allegations and tried to convince Havens that it was just a silly rumor. The unwillingness by Bob Watts, the Director, and Ted Ellis, the Athletic

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