Dick Spencer Case

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1. What are the main sources of conflict in this case? “As you know, both human relations and accounting were my weakest subjects during the master's program”. This is how Spencer describes himself. He knew that he is not good enough with human relations but he did not try to work on it or develop it and we can see that clearly reflected in his work. Spencer's lack of effective communication skills led him to many conflicts with his colleagues at work. He was not listening to the people he was working with. Another source of conflict was that he got involved in the financial issues of the organization even though he knew he is not good in accounting. Furthermore, at the start of his new job as plant manager at Modrow, Spencer was faced with some extensive challenges in management. Construction took more time and was slower in completion than originally planned, equipment arriving before the building was finished, employees being upset due to the upcoming change in work routines. Generally, morale was at a low ebb. Constant conferences and meetings at work had affected Spencer's personal life. He was forgetting important appointments and events such as birthdays and dinner engagements. This absence led him to a lot of family problems. He did not balance his life as a manager and a father. He gave the time and efforts to his job not his family. As a result, the inability to balance time between his job and family led to the failure of his first marriage. Another source of conflict was his inability to trust his staff members, supervisors and foremen . There were heads of departments that should have provided him with reports and feedback about the work progress since he is the vice president, but he preferred to do everything by himself. He was strolling around the organization. During his strolls, he was listening and looking and keeping in

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