Conflict Resolution at General Hospital

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Discuss the conflict that is occurring at General Hospital. General Hospital is at a pivotal point where they have to adapt and meet the challenges that come with operating an older hospital or face loss of accreditation. Mike Hammer, CEO, has tried cost control but has been met with resistance, especially from Director of Medicine Dr. Mark Williams. This has led to a conflict between Hammer who feels he needs to cut costs to save the hospital and the physicians who say “they are just practicing good medicine” (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011, p. 546). Mike Hammer believe that “physicians didn’t understand, nor were they interested in, the role of costs in determining the viability of hospitals” (p. 546). Hammer tried different approaches to cutting costs, which were always rejected by the physicians. He even ran into conflict with the hospital’s board of trustees who would always side with the physicians. Dr. Williams felt that “Hammer was asking for a cultural change that was impossible” (p. 546) Hammer hired a chief operating officer (COO) that would help him implement cost cutting procedures. Discuss the conflict management styles that are evident in the case. According to Hellriegel & Slocum, conflict management refers to the interpersonal styles and negotiation strategies that are designed to avoid unnecessary conflict and reduce or resolve excessive conflict (p. 384). The COO that Hammer hired, Marge Harding, used a conflict management style that left a lot to be desired. She used a forcing style to handle the hospital conflict, where she made a decision to fire the hospitals attending cardiologist and replaced him with a machine to interpret all EKGs. From the beginning there were issues such as misfilings, confused physicians and misdiagnosis (p. 547). Physicians were furious over the sudden firing of cardiologist Dr. James Boyer, to which Harding

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