Leadership and Life Skills

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Section A 1. What traits doe’s woodies possess that might be helpful to him as he assumes his new positions? What traits might be detrimental? Self-confidence Individual that is self-confident trust in their own capabilities. Woodside showed self-confidence by always trying to move up in the company. Consideration A leader who is able to talk their subordinates ideas and feelings into account. Woodside always showed consideration by listening the feeling of his colleagues, which create more trust towered him. Drive Having the ambition to finish the projects and achieve the best results. In this case study showed that Woodside starts a project and he not stopping the project until it was completed to his satisfaction. The detrimental traits are Permissive Being too accepting of detrimental behavior. Woodside I so permissive because he was covering the mistakes of others and staying late to do so. Lack of guidance Leading and supporting toward a positive outcome. Woodside showed a lack of guidance because he did not help George with his business and personal problems. 2. Would you consider Woodside a people-oriented or a task oriented leader? Discuss which you think would be best for the new research director at sunshine. People oriented Showing supports for the subordinates. Showing respect for the subordinates. Woodside gets along and has developed trust with all of his subordinates. Task oriented Being committed to work activities and achieving goals. More focused on the products rather than subordinates. Woodside showed ambition toward achieving his goals and the company's goals when it came to his projects. On the leadership grid Woodside would be a team leader. Concern for people is an 8 because he respects his subordinates, but does not guide them toward self-development. Concern for

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