Oleanna Writing Paradigm Essay

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Oleanna Writing Paradigm English 215 – Research and Writing May 22, 2012 Prompt 1 (40 points): Oleanna is a play made movie, directed by David Mamet in 1994. This movie/play is about a college professor, John, who is approached by one of his female students, Carol, who is failing his course. After hours of talking, Carol starts to accuse John of sexual harassment. After more allegations from Carol, John's teaching career starts to fall apart. This film was centered on the belief of common misconception. Both, John and Carol, had misunderstandings and each one of them could have tried better to see clearly, what was going on. From the point of view of John, all he thought he was doing was helping Carol, and he thought that he was not sexually harassing her. This caused John to become furious when he found out the news about his tenure. From the point of view of Carol, she wanted help from Professor John in order to raise her grade (Oleanna 1). However, she misinterpreted Professor Johns help into sexual, verbal, and physical harassment (Mamet 1). Both professor and student have had their own fair share of misinterpretation, and this caused things to get out of hand quickly. Both characters could have done things, in order to make things simpler and easier for the other person to understand their point of view. Professor John could have taken into mind how his actions would affect Carol, and he could have taken into consideration the effects of his actions. In addition, Carol could have not placed charges on John, and just talked to him. However, for this misunderstanding, Carol holds the most responsibility, because she took actions too far, instead of talking to her professor. In addition, if she had not done this, there would have been far less conflict between the two. Word Count: 288 Prompt 4 (60

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