Apple's Competitive Advantage

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The Competitive Advantage of Apple, Inc. Having a competitive advantage is important in business. It means possessing and maintaining a product or ideal that positions your business ahead of the competition. Companies that develop and maintain a strong competitive advantage become and remain the first name people think of when in the market for said company’s products. A prime example is Apple, Inc., founded in 1976 by the now iconic Steve Jobs. Since its inception, Apple has been the computer company to beat. Steve Jobs’ unique vision for the products he created, along with his formula for developing a remarkable competitive advantage, accounts for Apple’s success. As the company grew throughout the years, Steve Jobs and his team maintained and grew this advantage, helping the company to further differentiate itself from its competitors. Siri is a recent product offering which further enhances Apple’s competitive advantage. Apple describes Siri as “the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking” (Apple, 2012). Siri is found in the latest models of Apple’s ‘smart devices’. Holding down the home button of these devices activates Siri, and she asks you how she can be of assistance. Her vast number of services can be anything from placing a phone call, locating a place to eat, getting directions, managing your calendar, or searching the web. To test her skills, I asked Siri to help me research the topics addressed in this paper. Almost all of my Internet-based research was conducted by asking Siri. She is a modest innovation completely focused on her tasks. When I asked her to “tell me about yourself”, she responded: “Who I am isn’t important, how can I help?” From the beginning, Apple has impressed the world with its innovative products that have repeatedly changed the way the world communicates, works, and plays. From Apple’s

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