Annotated Bibliography: Downtown, Midtown, And West Mobile

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An Annotated Bibliography for The Homestead Bullock, Monica. "A Guide to Mobile, Alabama." Yahoo Voices. Yahoo, 15 Jan 2009. Web. 10 Feb. 2013. In this article, Bullock discusses the different districts that make up the city of Mobile, Alabama. She goes into detail about Downtown, Midtown, and West Mobile. She makes it very obvious that she enjoys Downtown Mobile more than any of the other areas because of the historic buildings. However, she agrees that West Mobile will become that main focus of the city in the near future. This source will be helpful in my paper because it tells the significance of Downtown, Midtown, and West Mobile. Farmer, Darrell. "Hurricane Season 2012." Hurricane Season. Examiner, 27 May 2012. Web. 11 Feb. 2013. In this article, Farmer wrote about the weather in Mobile, Alabama. He discusses the Hurricane Season and also the affects it has with the weather pattern in the city. He also informs us about tropical storms and how they bring in most of the rain to Mobile. He shares his thoughts on how people should prepare if a hurricane hits the Gulf Coast by stocking up on food and water. This article is helpful because it will provide support to my thesis statement. It tells the reason why it rains so much in Mobile during the summer months of…show more content…
It shines positive light onto the city and elaborates on how great the city is to live in. It gives information about the different universities in the city and the activities that the universities have to offer. It also tells the population of the city. The population of the city is important because the more people that live in the city means the better the city will be to live in. This article will help me with my research because it gives positive information about how the city of Mobile as a great place to live. It also gives ample of facts which help me explain my own personal opinion on why Mobile is fascinating

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