1.01 Geography Essay

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Part 1: 1. The Pilgrims traveled approximately 3500 miles from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts. 2. The approximate distance is miles that Lewis and Clark traveled from St. Louis to Ft. Clatsop is 3,700. 3. The transitional railroad covered approximately 1350 miles from Omaha to San Francisco. Part 2: 1. I live in the capital of California, which is Sacramento, in the region of Sacramento Valley. The relative locations of my town would be Yolo, Sutter, Colusa, Placer, Yuba City, Butte, Glenn, and Tehama County. The physical system in my city is pretty warm during the day its typical temperature is around high 75, and when it gets cold its gets to low 46. The Human system is based off the all the trails that have been created, as well as the sight seeing, the light rails, and many other things! 2. I would love for you to move to Sacramento, California with me, they is so many amazing things to do here, lots of opportunity. The location is 38°33′20″N 121°28′08″W in case you decide to come. It is the start of Sacramento River and also has the American river we can visit. Did I mention it was the capital of California? The weather and climate is amazing out here, its always around the high 70 during day and low 50 in the night! The capital is right here too, its such a beautiful place to visit! I hope I could convice you to want to come move out here with me! talk to you

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