Disneyland Six Flags

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Compare and Contrast Final Draft Essay Family Vacation at Disneyland or Six flags Lawrence Colbert ENG 121 Jessica Gunderson November 19, 2012 Family Vacation at Disneyland or Six flags Families in America look forward to having fun in the summertime. When the word summertime is mentioned vacation is the first thought. There are so many great spots in America to spend your vacation with the family. The two most common places families like to go are the places with rollercoaster and rides. Disneyland and Six flags are the most common places families would like to go to, because both places offer a variety of fun activities. California has both places so most families on the west coast like to go there. There are different and similar aspects between Disneyland and Six flags. First Disneyland is located in the middle of Orange County sprawl enabling locals to get there more quickly. Disney calls its place the Disney’s California Adventure; the rides are designed for young kids to enjoy. They offer a total of 87 rides and attractions in Disneyland California Adventure. There are five rides that focus more on the adult thrill seeking person. At Disneyland are high-speed roller coasters, the drop ride and the…show more content…
Six flags call its place the Magic Mountain, and the rides are catered to older thrill seeking people. For the adrenaline junkies the Tatsu, X, Scream, Goliath and Superman the Escape are all super-sized roller coasters that will make a heart stop. They offer a total of 100 rides and attractions on its premises, 15 thrill high-speed roller coaster, 13 water based attractions, and the rest are made for young children. Bugs Bunny and friends are designed for the park's youngest guests and the Batman live action show is for the older crowd. The Batman live show is a dramatic stunt show that is fast paced entertainment for the whole
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