Urbanization and Foreign Aid India

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Urbanization and Foreign Aid: India Monica A. Stoddard Strayer University SOC 300 Prof. Dawn McClanahan November 10, 2013 Urbanization and Foreign Aid in India Urbanization which refers to movement of people from rural areas to urban centers has remained as one of the main challenges experienced in developing nations. Currently, a lot of people are leaving their rural areas to urban centers a situation that has led to rapid growth of population in urban cities. India is an example of developing countries whereby individuals are moving from rural areas to urban cities. The reasons for moving to urban cities in India include search for employment opportunities, accessibility to health care facilities and other social amenities, good infrastructure, and to improve living standards (Spence, Annez & Buckley, 2009). Urbanization in India is associated with positive and negative effects. On the side of positive results, urbanization in India has led to expansion of industrial sector (Spence, Annez & Buckley, 2009). This is one of the main positive results of urbanization because people from rural areas supply labor force in various industries. This has a positive impact in regard to production and industries continue to expand. As a result of urbanization, the economy of the country is impacted positively as production in industries increase. Another positive result of urbanization in India is expansion of investments especially in real estate (Nath, 2007). This is a major step towards economic development of the country as more housing units continue to be constructed. The demand for housing in the urban cities in India is very high as people move from rural areas to urban cities. Additionally, urbanization in India is a source of foreign currency as individuals from other regions are attracted to the urban centers. This is a major step that
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