Cja 304: Technology And Communication

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Technology and Communication Vanessa Rodriguez CJA/304 February 5, 2013 Timothy J. Anderson Abstract There are so many ways to communicate and to find information with technology, it’s amazing! The gadgets and the machinery used in the government or for the government services makes it a whole lot more easy for the people that need to search for data. Some are mobile which makes it convenient for those that are constantly moving around. Then there’s the technology that is used in offices which has endless ways to communicate, or to investigate useful data. In this essay I will communicate about Automated fingerprint identification system and mobile data terminal; the positive and negative effects of new technologies…show more content…
It can hurt people by simple mistakes or by slight technical malfunctions. An example would be “human error in fingerprints analysis results in inconsistent and incorrect conclusions.”("Negative Effects Of Fingerprint Analysis", 2013). Those wrongfully accused can be taken away from their current lives. There can be people who have never been wrongful to the law or broken any yet at the snap of a finger can be accused of so many wrongfully accused errors. As mentioned before, this may only be one negative effect yet this can open the door to many other negative effects in other aspects aside from the database. Another type of specialized database I find interesting is the Mobile Data Terminals; this type of device is convenient for many of those that are part of the force (police or firemen). This helps them research different types of information for when they’re on the road or not in a direct office type of building. Many times when someone gets pulled over by the police and the police asks for you credentials it’s to look up your information on this device that’s located in their

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