Explain How Sports and Leisure Can Be Used as a Catalyst to 'Kickstart' Rebranding.

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Describe how some places have used sport and leisure as a catalyst to ‘kick-start’ rebranding. Sport is and has been more recently acknowledged as an excellent way to provide the ‘catalyst’ to a regeneration scheme. It has been used in deprived areas to try spark some form of regeneration - most notably areas that have suffered from a decline in local industry. The idea of using sport and leisure as a catalyst is to showcase large scale international sporting events on a global level to make people more aware of the area and ‘brand’ it. This then triggers a sudden increase in private investment. Private investment brings a range of benefits into the area including: more high quality public services and transport, new housing and hotels which helps create this new ‘global brand’ for the area which of course leads to even more inward investment to the area and so on. One of the main, most recent, examples of this idea of using sport as a catalyst for rebranding has to be the 2012 Olympics. With all else mentioned above related to private investments and its benefits aside, the 2012 Olympics created a feel-good factor for many of the local residents in east London. This was achieved by the constant promise to the local people of great improvements to their lives, and through other things such as the new recognition to their area, the physical environmental improvements to their area and the new jobs being created all contributed to the widespread feel-good factor. Wealth is brought in externally through sport as international sporting events create lots of one time tourism which brings in enormous amounts of profit into the area and would of course help repay the raw sums of money spent by the government on hosting the Olympic Games. Furthermore, tourism creates lots of jobs, particularly lower skilled ones such as simple work behind counters. This gives the

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