What Evidence Is There to Suggest That China Is Becoming More Developed and “Switched on”?

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A “switched on” country is widely connected economically, socially, physically and politically. Factors that affect this are natural resources, trading, culture, skilled labour force, languages spoken education and healthcare and its economy. China used to be a communist country, so there was a lot of State interference when involving what products to be bought and sold, in the 1990s, China’s economy became more Capitalist so products that are now bought and sold are based on what the population demand rather than what the government choose. The effect of this is that China’s links to other countries increase and global brand names become more well-known in China. Trans national companies start to set up there due to the massive population and amount of natural resources which provide potential employee’s and raw materials for industrialisation and new buildings are built for offices, factories and homes and it provides many more jobs for Chinese people. China has become wealthier because of this and more money is spent on healthcare and education, making the people healthier and better educated so are able to work longer, money is also spent on the basic infrastructure such as railways and roads, which improves transport links in the country. As well as internal changes and improvements, there are also global reasons for China’s development. In 2001, China joined the World Trade Organisation, so trading became more recurrent for China which boosted their economy rapidly. Due to the cheap labour available, Trans national companies have invested in China and therefore products are now mass produced there more than any other country in the world. Popular global events such as the Olympics have also made an impact on the development of China as it earns them money and gives them a chance to show their progress in development to the rest of the world. However,

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