Argumentative Essay On Immigration And Asylum

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05/10/13 Stephanie Cerrato Immigration and Asylum In this country there are many immigrants. They come from different countries around the world. To find a better living and life for their families. It helps them with their wealth and many other things. It makes a great impact in their lives, and it helps them out in a lot. In to what they were looking for, or basically, be better. Be successful and show others many new things. How to make this country a better place, and a better economy. Back in the old days they let immigrants come into America with no problem too. Now of days there are still many immigrants. But they are always deporting them just because there are illegal to this country. They don’t let them work in so many…show more content…
They made businesses of manufacture and factories. And not only where these Hispanics they were, Asians, Blacks, Europeans, Austrians, Jamaicans and even Whites etc. Now of days it is really hard for immigrants to get into the countries without a green card that gives them permission. Many from South America try to cross the border from Mexico to USA. Many succeed but others are caught buy the guards or border control. Many suffer for crossing the border they can die, and there have been many cases where they just don’t make it and the border control just find dead body lying there, because they didn’t make it past the border. They come wet back the ones that come from South American have to come walking or swimming. It is very dangerous, they have to pass desserts, rivers, and hot climate areas. It’s not a one day journey; it can last up to weeks before u pass the border. Plus you need to get in contacts with the person you told u were going to get picked up. They do this because they want to be somebody in their lives. They come over here because there country can give them what they can get over here. It’s not just immigrants going into America it’s also other countries that get immigrants. But USA makes

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