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Maia Seguin ANNE BRADSTREET PURITAN POETRY ESSAY Setting sail to a new world of unknown dangers, the puritan colony was the first colony to part from the English church because of different opinions. In this grand adventure was a women by the name of Anne Bradstreet, the first published female poet. Some may say that she is one of the most important figures in literary history. Not only was enduring the hardships of this new world a great achievement but Anne faced the discrimination of others for being a women poet. Day after day she was forced to burden the cruel thoughts of others opinions of being inferior because she was a women and a women with her own thoughts at that. Taking place in 1630, societies thought upon women as the subsidiary sex and not respected in the way modern day women is. The job of a puritan women was limited, care for your house, your husband, and your children. If a women stepped out of those bounds her life became hard and wicked. The only women who were relieved of these bonds were widows who had the privilege of being able to sue or be sued, owning their own home or land and disciplining children and servants. Anne Bradstreet who was not a widow was as any other women in her time period bound to her…show more content…
In her society Anne could not directly speak of her true emotions, because of this she used beautiful similes in her work, contrasting the blunt sexuality her husband and her shared. Anne also used comparisons of God to express her equality and love towards her husband. In the society Anne grew up in ones life was revolved around the values and beliefs of Jesus Christ and God. Having this influence she wrote much about her love for her religion but in a way that explained the equality of her love and commitment to her family and to her religion. The way Anne saw her family as an equal priority to her religion was seen as inappropriate to her

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