Anne Bradstreet Essay

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Anne Bradstreet Did Anne Bradstreet conform to traditional Puritan values or did she deviate from them through pro-feminist beliefs or through questioning some religious beliefs? Anne Bradstreet was born in Northampton, England in 1612. She was raised as Anne Dudley. She was raised in a time where women did not receive education. The education was meant for the men. She did not attend school; however, she did receive her knowledge from eight tutors and her father that always strived to teach her new things. Bradstreet loved to read and through reading she gained knowledge to help her succeed in the world. Her father, Thomas Dudley was the steward of the Earl of Lincoln estate. This is where she had access to a wonderful library that was full of many authors that she became well known too. Bradstreet lived a puritan life, however, she did not agree with some of their beliefs. Bradstreet conformed to some of the puritan life. She looked after her family and husband. When she arrived in the New World in 1630, “she was overwhelmed by the sickness, lack of food, and primitive living conditions” (Gonzalez, 2000). Bradstreet decided to make the best of her new life in the New World. According to The Norton Anthology American Literature, “Bradstreet found a new world and new manners at which her heart rose. It was here that she was convinced it was the way of God, and she joined the church of Boston (Baym, 2008). She was a strong woman with strong beliefs. She raised eight children while her husband Simon Bradstreet worked to support his family. She also took care of all the house chores while he was at work, and while doing all this Bradstreet even found time to write. She shows how strong she was and hard times were, through her writings. This is where she changed some of her puritan beliefs into religious and pro-feminist beliefs. According to Anne
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