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<BR> Anne Bradstreet, recognized as one of the earliest and greatest female writers in America, wrote poetry that expressed the different aspects of the Puritan religion she followed and the hardships of colony life. However, Bradstreet was not your average, unspoken Puritan woman. While she did take her devotion to God very seriously, she was also poet, a woman with an education, and one of the first people to people to get published in the New World (Encarta CD-Rom). <br> Anne Bradstreet was born sometime around 1612 in Northamptonshire, England. She was the daughter of Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Yorke. Anne met her future husband, Simon Bradstreet, in 1622 through her father. In 1628 they were married, still living in England.…show more content…
She showed her great love for her husband in another well-known poem she wrote called “To My Dear and Loving Husband.” The first lines of this poem -“If ever two were one, then surely we. If ever man were lov'd by wife, then thee,”- make it clear that Bradstreet and her husband had a very loving marriage and that she was extremely happy ( She wrote a similarly themed work about her children in poem called “In Reference to My Children” ( Anne’s life in the colony also affected her poetry. This can be seen in her poem “Upon a Fit of Sickness,” in which she wrote about a time in which she came close to death when struck by a plague. Anne lost many of her friends and neighbors to sicknesses ( Some of Anne’s other works include “The Prologue,” “The Vanity of All Worldly Things”, and many “Meditations” ( <br> Anne Bradstreet was truly a pioneer of poetry. When Bradstreet was being published, female writers were unheard of. Bradstreet’s Puritan beliefs were obviously a very big part of her life because they influence almost every one of her works ( Bradstreet had a personal and intimate style of writing that people enjoyed. This is why she will be remembered as one of the greatest poets of all
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