Analysis On The Similarities Between Victor Franke

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Throughout Frankenstein, the actions of Victor and the creature bring them together. Victor’s rejection of the creature drives the creature’s emotions. In his rejection, the creature seeks revenge on Victor. The creature causes Victor’s misery, which coerces Victor to seek revenge on the creature. Both the creature and Victor revenge on each other. Though separate beings, the creature and Victor share a relationship of complicated dimensions: that of nobility born of suffering, that of creator/created, and that of enforced loneliness. The Creature and Victor’s creator-created relationship, the creature’s nobleness and loneliness forms their relationship. Victor’s responsibility of the creature becomes significant when the creature begins to wreak havoc. At first, Victor sees the creature as an amazing breakthrough created by defiance nature, but soon after the creature’s creation, he realizes how truly awful the creature is and rejects him. Victor is in bed asleep, and suddenly wakes to see “the wretch the miserable monster”(Shelley 56) he had created. The creature opens its mouth as if to say something, but only sounds, not accurate words, come out. Frightened Victor escapes from the creature, before it can detain him with the filial grasp of a child towards its parents, and runs down the stairs still horrified by the creature. After escaping from the creature and learning the mischief the creature got into, Victor begins to realize how he must take responsibility for the creature, like a child takes responsibility for his/her puppy. Miserable, the creature visits Victor contemplating whether Victor will be able to create a mate for him. While visiting with Victor, the creature asks Victor to create him a mate. Victor does not agree to the creature’s idea; in anger the creature inveighs, "You are my creator, but I am your master – obey!” (Shelley

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