Acceptance In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Have you ever went somewhere by yourself? It gets boring, and lonely; in Frankenstein a great emphasis is placed on the theme of companionship. Everyone wants someone special in their life; a person who will put everlasting joy in your heart and someone that will make you feel comfortable and secure. Most people find companionship in family, friends, and mainly, in a significant other. With companionship comes acceptance; in modern society, as well as in Frankenstein’s society, people are judged solely on their appearance. Social prejudice is often based on looks; whether it is the color of someone’s skin, the clothes they have on, or even the way a person carries themselves. The instant judgments people tend to make determine the behavior…show more content…
However, some people aren’t recognized for their abilities, causing lack of acceptance, which leads to becoming an outcast. Frankenstein is an outcast, and isn’t even accepted by his own creator, “unable to endure the aspect of the being I had created, I rushed out of the room and continued a long time traversing my bedroom chamber, unable to compose my mind to sleep” (Shelley 90). Unlike a normal human, the monster Victor created has no family; he has no one but Victor, who won’t accept him, because his appearance is too revolting. Frankenstein endured rejection after rejection, and after he had enough, he killed William. When approached about the murder, Frankenstein explained that the root of all his evil actions were in response to his desperate loneliness. Toulmin explains an initial enthymeme “is composed of a claim, stated reason, grounds, warrant, and an unstated assumption” (Toulmin 1). Frankenstein’s initial enthymeme is that he deserves a mate in which his creator should provide him with. His claim, “the point or position you are trying to get your audience to accept” (Toulmin 4) is that he deserves a mate. Toulmin also says that a claim should be supported with a because clause, and in Frankenstein’s case, he was created as a man, and he deserves a mate because no man deserves to be alone all his
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