Comparing God In Frankenstein And Blade Runner

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As part of human instinct it is only natural that one would thrive to surge beyond previous limits and access the secrets of life. Though can too much knowledge on one individual lead to a dangerous outcome, especially whilst attempting to play god. In Blade runner and Frankenstein this seek for greater means is evident and one can truly understand the impacts it can have. Victor plays the role of god in Frankenstein by creating what he had believed the ultimate human. Though naïve as he is, this only leads to suffering. Ironically this is foreshadowed at the beginning by his own advice. “I seek for knowledge…I hope yours may not be a serpent as mine had been.” Not fit for the role of god victor is disgusted by the being he has created…show more content…
We see a world were technology is supreme and greater knowledge has diminished society. Science has attempted to make living easier though has it actually benefited humanity? Ridley Scott has predicted a world in 2019 based on the incredibly fast advancements in technology based when he created the movie. It depicts his and others from the times fear that use of knowledge would ultimately farm humanity. In blade runner the current world has transformed so far past comfortable that some are moving to alternate planets. “Off world colonies, a chance to begin again.” This slogan projected across the city represents human’s destruction of the current world through their extensive advancements in technology. Tyrell in this movie plays the god role and like Frankenstein attempts to create the perfect being. Though is the creator fair on its creations. Forcing them to work and slave away with a cut off life span of only 4 years. This becomes dangerous once the replicants gain a realisation of self worth and seek to cut the life short of their…show more content…
Frankenstein upon creation reveals “now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” This allows us to understand that victor in no way feels empathy or a sense of obligation towards it. This is unhuman like, instead of the natural mother figure nurturing her new born we see quite the opposite. Victor is consumed by an obsessive hatred of his creation, “I was possessed by maddening rage,” he explains. This is the turning point for the mentally human like creation. He quickly grows a negative view upon humanity. “My soul glowed with love and humanity: but am I not alone, miserably alone?" The monster was able to create this bond initially with humanity, which they couldn’t make it with him. So morally what makes him any less human. This could represent Shelley’s view that man in the religious times, rejects something who’s characteristics do not fit gods standards. Furthermore the monster attempts to help the village and collects wood for them at night. The monsters kind gentle nature is juxtaposed with victors rapid dehumanisation in creating the creature. This juxtaposition is to create the idea that sometimes the ones rejected by society and the ones kindest at heart. The creature questions victor “cursed creator. Why did you form a monster so hideous that even you turned from me in disgust?”

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