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Analysis of E-Business Strategy: Case Study of Apple, Lnc

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Analysis of E-Business strategy: Case study of Apple, lnc
1.Executive Summary (150)
Apple Inc is an American corporation, which designs and manufactures the mobile devices, personal computers, electronic smart devices and computer software. Apple Inc headquartered in Cupertino, California with almost 80,300 employees in the worldwide (Slivka 2013). Moreover, the share price of Apple reached to 636 US dollar leading to over 570 billion US dollar market value in April 2012. This market value was more than the combination of Google, Microsoft, Dell and Yahoo, making nearly 18 percent of NASDAQ 100 and 4 percent of Standard and Poor’s 500 Stock Index (Montgomerie & Roscoe, 2013). It can be clearly seen that Apple stayed ahead of computer and electronic industry. It was the time that Apple stepped into mobile digital devices market caused Apples’ fortuned to increase dramatically. According to Montgomerie & Roscoe (2013), the share price of Apple increased sluggishly until Ipod music player and ITunes came out to the markt in 2003. Nowadays, Apples have launched multiple products including MAC, personal computers; iPhone, smart mobile phones; iPad, tablet computing devices, and iWatch, innovational and high technical watch (Apple, 2015). Currently, there are five main e-business strategies lying in the Apple lnc : Apple online Store, iAd, Apple Pay, and iTunes and App Store (Reilly, 2014).
4. Problem Identification and Analysis
Accoring to Reilly (2014), Apple was making huge achievements in its E-commerce market. Apple’s iAd, in-app mobile platform, has been expanding to almost 70 countries. In addition, nearly 1 billion users have experience with downloading music or videos from Apple’s iTunes service. Currently, we look through the E-business strategies that Apple using to permeate the online market, which are Apple online Store, iAd, Apple Pay, and iTunes and App Store (Reilly, 2014). However, issues still exist under these beautiful and fancy figures on...

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