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Week 1: Case Assignment 1. Use the Chapter material to decide what different kinds of management challenges these four CEOs faced as they took control of managing their different companies? The different kinds of management challenges they faced as they managed their companies were human created crisis which were caused by the terrorist attacks, as well as laying off many of their workers so that they can build some profit back to their company, when you are the big shot you have to do what is best for your company so that you stay in business. Reference sited: Gareth R. Jones “contemporary Management” – Managers and managing: Practicing global crisis management, pg. 28 (chapter 1) 2. In what kinds of ways did these managers respond to these challenges- for example, in their approaches to planning, leading, organizing, and controlling? The managers used the controlling approach because they had to evaluate the problem so that they can maintain to keep their company going so that they survive even if they had to make some employees unhappy and make tough decisions in the process, but like CEO Donohoe says “ it’s not a popularity contest we have to do what is best for our company” – pg. 35 Reference sited: Gareth R. Jones “Contemporary Management” – managers and managing: controlling, pg. 12 (Chapter1) 3. Search the web. How are these managers and their companies currently performing? EBay is the world’s leading ecommerce company that enables people to buy, sell and pay online. Also, in 2011 the total value of goods sold on EBay was $68.6 billion more than $2100 every second. John Donohoe became CEO of March 31, 2008 and he leads a global ecommerce and payments of revenues of 9.2 billion dollars. Reference sited: T Rowe Price is a independent company with substantial employee ownership that has been managing over $489 billion in

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