Positive and Negative Results:Growth at Stein, Bodello & Associates, Inc.

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. Positive and Negative Results “Growth at Stein, Bodello & Associates, Inc.” According to the case of Stein, Bodello, and Associates; it was determined the organization should implement a performance and development plan, such as role profiles. In the beginning, Stein and Bodello performed all functions of the business, however, as the firm grew they gradually had to give up various activities (Cohen 2000 p2). However, it seemed that Stein and Bodello did not know how to established roles to line managers then to the subordinates of the organization. Once Stein and Bodello establish specific roles in the organization, the morale, productivity, and efficiency of the organization will increase. The expected positive result to this solution is employees of Stein and Bodello will have a better understanding of what role they play and how it aligns with the organizations goals. Employees will not feel left out of a decision made by top management when ideas and objectives of the organization are presented. Stein and Bodello should set time with the line managers to explain they are responsible in getting with their staff to communicate and agree on key result areas, define what the role holder needs to know, and be able to do and ensure that there is mutual understanding (Armstrong 2006 p 50). Also, explaining how their roles align with the organization’s objectives and goals. The possible negative result of this successful solution could be that employees may not be on board with the change. Employees may be used to what “always been” in the organization. Part of the role profile is establishing and defining the behavioral competencies with in the organization. Line managers should also discuss what is expected of staff such as their personal drive, business awareness, teamwork, communication, customer focus, leadership, communication, developing

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