Analysis Essay over Justin Bieber Fragrance Commercial

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He Could Be My Boyfriend Every commercial is set up to give us a special feeling. They are all strategically placed on specific channels to speak to different groups of people. I was watching MTV a few weeks before Christmas and one of the most eye catching commercials came onto the screen. It was the new Justin Bieber Girlfriend fragrance commercial. Of course, this commercial would be on MTV during the showing of Teen Mom 2 and during the gift-buying season. It is just common sense to have it airing at this time. The commercial portrays different scenes of Justin Bieber walking away from the film person and, with a smile on his face, continuously looking back at the camera. It is as if he is flirting with the camera. As the commercial is about to end, an arm nudges Justin to wake up and as he opens his eyes he goes straight to the direction of the camera for a kiss. It seems as if it were all a dream. It ends with an image of the bottle of perfume on top of Justin’s’ guitar. Everything about this commercial screams stereotypical. Girls love perfume, young girls like Justin Bieber, and young girls watch MTV. You take Christmas time, mixed with the biggest young music icon, put together with adoring fans, and it will be a huge hit. All the aspects of the commercial add up to make it a success. First, the timing the commercial aired; second, the actions portrayed in the commercial; and lastly, all the subtle indicators in the commercial that relay to our emotions. The first aspect that made this commercial a success was the fact that, timing is everything. The season of the year, the channel, the period, it all added up to make millions. The general group this commercial was trying to catch the eyes of were girls between the ages of thirteen to nineteen. I am nineteen and it caught my eyes big time. The commercial aired during a showing of Teen Mom 2 on MTV

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