The Wonderful Life Of Miley Cyrus

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The Wonderful Life of Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus is such an inspiration for young teen girls. She is still a teen Phenomenon, being nominated for three categories in the Kids Choice Awards, Favorite TV actress, Favorite Movie actress, and Favorite female singer. She is liked world wide, but what makes her so perfect? She has constant accountable mistakes that she apologizes for, but then turns around and does something worse. She is easily forgiven for anything she does wrong just like any other celebrity. So why not do something crazy? You get more publicity which means more money. This teaches a younger kid that messing up is okay. You can deal with the consequences and then go back and do it all over again. Seems like a good life for a young teenager. As shown by TMZ the “Forgiveness and Love” singer is seen smoking out of a bong during a party at her L.A. home. Wow Miley that’s just something amazing to let all your little fans see. Smoking out of a bong is really no big deal at all. It’s not like smoking causes cancer or any type of disease. Why not influence kids at the age of 15 to smoke a bong? It’s perfectly fine. And how about that tattoo that you have on your torso reading “just breathe? “ How old were you when you got that? 16? As a role model I’m guessing you’re saying its okay to get tattoo’s that young? You are just so perfect Miley. The Kids Choice awards were amazing. Miley performed Party in the U.S.A. and let me tell you it was a crowd pleaser. Her pole dancing just blew everyone away, and the way she was dressed was just so appropriate. Her ensemble of Daisy- duke leather shorts and a revealing tank top, along with a hat makes girls want to dress just like her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Which leads to the fact that Miley took nude pictures with nothing but a towel covering her. These pictures are such a great inspiration
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