Glee Analysis

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Brigitte Jones Andrea Johnston ENG 101 3/10/11 Midterm Essay Television is an increasingly popular method of recreation that is received by a wide range of enjoyers, from children who watch Saturday morning cartoons, teenagers who watch reality shows, and adults who enjoy soap operas or just hearing about current news and the weather. These days, almost everyone can tell you all about their favorite television show and what is so great about it, as a wide variety of new shows come out so often. One fairly new television series that has quickly become popularized amongst teenagers nationwide since the airing of its first season in the spring of 2009 is Glee, which is a modern day show about a high school glee club and gives the audience an overview of what the students’ everyday lives are like. The show has been nominated for over eighty awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe awards and has become a household name. In fact, you probably know quite a few people in your life who watch this show religiously, staying on track with its weekly episodes. So why is Glee so popular? After watching merely one episode of this upbeat, modern television show (particularly the finale for the first season), one can easily conclude that the popular series, Glee, attempts to connect with its target audience – teenagers and the younger demographic – through its contemporary reflection of older music as well as different renditions of modern popular music in its realistic setting, its stereotypical characters, and its easily relatable plot. To relate with its intended audience, the writers have try to make Glee’s setting as realistic as possible. The series is set in a rather large public high school (William McKinley high school) in the city of Lima, Ohio. This makes the setting relatable to the majority of its viewers, teenagers, because the majority of these kids are
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