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The Lady Gaga brand is memorable, meaningful, likable, transferable, adaptable, and protectable. Gaga’s brand there is no mistake that Lady Gaga’s brand, no matter how different, is distinct. Lady Gaga has developed and created her own brand and image, successfully setting her apart from all of the other artists. Not only is Lady Gaga is a very worldwide and well-known name but she has managed to maintain a very strong target market positioning slot. Lady Gaga's success was built on more than just her talents as an entertainer. Lady Gaga and management seized the power of using popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to build a strong support base, fan by fan. To publicize her first single "Just Dance," Lady Gaga and team took to the social media airwaves with a handcrafted approach: she wrote (and continues to write) her own Tweets, and maintained close control over her other social media accounts. YouTube was also used as a promotional tool, management released a series of short two-minute videos on her personal channel titled “Transmission: Gaga-Vision”. Lady Gaga’s team understood that imagery was a large element of her brand and utilized the platform that YouTube offered. The social media strategy also included setting up personal interviews with influential music bloggers, which generated over 10 million impressions, and recording "webisodes" with flip-cams that captured her behind the scenes intimate moments. Lady Gaga’s brand can be described as authentic and passionate; passionate because the bond between Gaga and her fans is genuine as she is in charge of her social media activities. While the shock value of her character can be blinding, the talent she possesses outweighs and lends itself to her long-term brand authenticity. The key brand attributes for the brand are her artistic/eccentric sense of style and meticulous

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