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Reality television is everywhere today. Keeping Up With the Kardashians is my favorite show on TV today because I relate to it on so many levels. Cynthia Frisby, in an article written in 2004 for USA Today magazine, lists three major categories of reality television including game shows, dating shows and talent shows. I believe a fourth variety has evolved and that is the celebrity reality show which Keeping Up With the Kardashians fits perfectly into. The premise of the show is basically a glimpse into the life of a very famous and wealthy California family whose rise to fame began after Kim Kardashian, the middle and most famous sister, released a sex tape with ex-boyfriend rapper Ray J. At first glance, Keeping Up With the Kardashians may appear to most as mindless and raunchy television. Personally, I think the show is much more than that. One of the main reasons I have loved this show from the beginning is because the family dynamic is very similar to my own family. The Kardashian family consists of three sisters and a younger brother. In my family there are three sisters and a younger brother. Each of the siblings have extremely unique personalities and I have always enjoyed comparing and contrasting them with my own siblings to see who identifies with which character the most. I like to think of myself as Khloe Kardashian. Although she is the younger sister, which I am not, she sort of comes across as the black sheep which I can certainly identify with. Although she may be seen as the ugly duckling of the family she is the most blunt and unapologetic of the sisters which I find to be refreshing and somewhat aspire to myself. Then there is Rob Kardashian, the younger brother, who fits my younger brother to a tee! He is always riding on the coattails of his older sisters and waiting for his big break to just fall into his lap. Although my

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