Milton Berle: Texaco Star Theater

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Chapter 4 Milton Berle was an American comedian and actor who has contributed excessively to television. Ever since Texaco Star Theatre came to television his career rose to the top. He became known as Mr. Television, and brought a lot of money to NBC, and other companies because this show was so popular. People loved this show so much they would go out and buy a TV just so they could watch it. Milton Berle invented what people call vaudeo, a new trend/vaudeville style. “The first major indication of vaude’s return is seen in the Texaco Star Theater’s premiere on NBC.” (p. 114) Milton brought vaudeville entertainment back and people loved this because it was comforting and made them feel good. Edward R. Murrow was an American broadcast journalist. He is responsible for the rise of CBS television news and documentary programming. Before TV he was famous for his radio reporting during WWII. Murrow became the symbol for broadcasting. “He was a seminal force in the creation and development of electronic newsgathering as both a craft and a profession in the United States.” (p. 144) Murrow is also known for starting “Murrow Boy’s” which was him and other…show more content…
Situation comedy is “based on creating a simple comic premise for each program.” (p. 130) Basically situation comedy brought fun and comic relief to TV. Lucy first starred in, My Favorite Husband. People and even herself saw what a funny, humorous person she was. She was able to find her “Lucy persona,” which was the attractive, zany, and irresistible side to her. In the book it says, “Unlike vaudeo, many TV situation comedies revolved around women stars.” (p. 132) Lucy, being one of these women stars, hit it off big when I Love Lucy started. This show had sixteen million viewers and rising. She is known for her humorous facial expressions, and the energy she put into making this show

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