African-American Reality TV

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Abstact Over the last five years there has been an increase in the number of African American geared reality television shows. This adds extra pressure on the black community. Most of these shows have had negative connotations and have portrayed African Americans as loud, "Ghetto", disrespectful, and promiscuous individuals. If there was more light shed on the reality shows that showed collectiveness ,morals and values, an African American father figure, and self-respect then it would play an essential role in the up-lifting of the African American race. The media has a huge role in perception and the outlook that watchers have on certain aspects of life. Currently in media, reality television is all the craze because “normal” people want…show more content…
The relationship between Oluremi Faust, also known as Mimi and the infamous Stevie J is one that has been on the rocks sense the first season. With Stevie J’s continuous infidelity and the lack of support that Stevie j gives Mimi with the up bring of their daughter, it shows society how the African American father is not around and is usually a “rolling stone” for lack of better words. Mimi is constantly at ends with Stevie J and his mistress in an emotional war that often takes her away from being a unstable parent. The show also portrays her as a dependent of Stevie J but Mimi is actually an entrepreneur. This side of her is often lost in the drama of her love life. The show also spotlights his mistress, Joseline Hernandez, who is a former stripper turned musician. Joseline is also the mother of Stevie J’s child. With the portrayal of multiple mothers of his children, Stevie J falls into the stereotype of how black men have an array of “baby mamas”. This is just another negative connotation that Reality Television reveals to the American…show more content…
Facing some of the same relationship problems as Stevie J and Mimi, Erica and Lil’ Scrappy have trust issues that stem from infidelity that occurred in their relationship. But even with they’re on and off relationship they continue to be cohesive parents to their daughter, Emani. Many times they settle their arguments for their daughters’ well being which is more than can be said about Stevie J and Mimi. Erica is a medical technician but usually is looking for other ventures to occupy her other talents. The ratings for Love and Hip-Hop have recent had an increase, but many don’t understand that they are supporting

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