American Revolution Vs French Revolution Essay

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VENN DIAGRAM: COMPARE AND CONTRAST OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION (1789) AND THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (1776) PART I: FRENCH REVOLUTION ONLY (July 14th, 1789): (The following items do not apply to the American Revolution.) 1. Medieval French society divided into three classes, the Three Estates. 2. France was heavily indebted for financially supporting the American Revolution, as it would weaken France’s European rival, Great Britain, because of the wars waged by Louis XIV and spending of royal family. 3. Increasingly huge deficit, the French government was nearly bankrupt. 4. Heavy tax burden on the French peasants (= 90 % of the population). 5. The king had no authority to tax the wealthy (aristocracy and clergy).…show more content…
13. A free society dominated by the property-owning middle class, the bourgeoisie, is established; the bourgeoisie is the class that has profited most from the revolution. 14. There was major bloodshed in both countries before the revolution would succeed. 15. Both revolutions made war inevitable in order to be successful: War of Independence, the Revolutionary Wars; both opposed foreign armies (from Great Britain, Austria, Prussia). 16. Emigres (aristocrats) went to Great Britain; emigrants (loyalists) went to Canada. 17. The revolutions would lead to equal suffrage – but not for women. 18. Women played an active part in both revolutions. 19. A republican system of government was established. 20. A constitutional government and parliamentary system were established. 21. The tax system was a major cause for both revolutions. 22. A citizens’ army was recruited – plus mercenaries from abroad in the War of Independence. 23. At that time, revolution seemed to be the only alternative. 24. After the revolution, no return to the old system was possible; the
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