The Effects of French and Indian War on England and Its Colonies

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Vazira Narzullaeva Ms Christina AP US History 9 November 2012 DBQ Essay The effects of French and Indian War on England and its colonies During the mid-seventeenth century, the three most powerful empires, Britain, France, and Spain, were fighting over land in North America. The French and Indian war was a step which started the American Revolution. At the end of French and Indian war, Britain was the winner. The result led to geographical changes where most of the east and north of North America was claimed by the British (Doc. A). Therefore, they won the war but it didn’t bring them that much happiness as they thought it would. The English were controlling the eastern part of the New World until the French came and divided the land. Therefore, both countries wanted the Appalachian lands. The Indians knew about it and were angered by the Englishmen who wanted to take their land for farming. They knew that their land was becoming valuable to others and because land was an everlasting resource that produced goods. The only thing left was to remove the English from their land (Doc. B). This conflict led to the French and Indian war between the English and French. As a result, France allied with the Indians by helping the Natives to fight against the Iroquois tribe and starting a fur trade using beavers. Even though, it had its bad and good effects on them. At the same time, England was alone. Even though Benjamin Franklin tried to unite the colonies, it did not work. During the war, the colonists were supporting Britain and were proud to be Englishmen. They were volunteering to fight and serve the King and their country (Doc. C). The Seven Years War is another name for the French and Indian war. It caused huge damage sand debts among the British. The British realized that the income, which American colonies were helping with, was not enough and the economy
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