Alternatives To Economic Globalization Positive An

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Alternatives to Economic Globalization Positive and negative impacts of globalization Speaking about positive and negative socio-economic impacts of globalization it is necessary to underline that the general effect of globalization is dubious regarding at developed and developing countries. In general, it is developed countries that basically benefited from globalization while developing countries are in a rather deprived position since the trend that is often singled out by specialists concerning globalization is the fact that rich countries become richer while poor becomes poorer. Consequently, globalization is obviously positive because it enriches developed countries and negative as it deteriorate the situation within developing countries. Furthermore, another positive impact of globalization is new markets and consequently new perspectives that open basically before developed countries. The development of competitiveness may be treated as a positive impact as well since the wider market is the more severe is competitiveness. In socio-demographical terms globalization contributes to free movement of labor force that is obviously positive for the countries which suffer from unemployment and in such a way they can export their labor force. Finally, some specialists believe that elimination of financial barriers is also positive since it contributes to development of free trade. However, practically all positive impacts mentioned above have their other side, that is rather negative. So, if some countries (basically developed) become richer due to globalization than it is natural that they do it because other become poorer (basically developing). Furthermore, globalization opens new markets but mainly for producers from developed countries, at least their products are much more expansive than that of developing ones. As for competitiveness, it is positive
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