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In today’s world many countries are developing for the better and the standard of living is improving. However there are still many countries that live in impoverished lands and who struggle to get their footing. Supporting developed countries have tried many different angles and strategies to try and help the impoverished countries but nothing has been extremely successful. Anne O Krueger believes that with the help of economic globalization the countries that need financial help can get it without the direct aid of others. There are some people such as José Bové who strongly disagree with this notion and are willing to fight for what they believe in. I think that economic globalization will be a great help to the underdeveloped countries…show more content…
Personally I agree with what Anne O. Krueger is exclaiming and that economic globalization should be implemented. Economic globalization will in the end better the economy as a whole. Some small businesses may suffer, but as an entity the country will benefit. By reducing all tariffs the world of trade will broaden and expand to the lengths of the world. This will allow different parts of the world to enjoy merchandise that is specific to one country. Throughout the past it has been proven that by introducing industries’ and the use of globalization has strengthened a country’s economy. I am a pro economic globalization because I feel that we need to change the way of the past if nothing seems raise the economic standards. Hopefully we will be able to realize that economic globalization is working so we can help countries quickly and efficiently. Economic globalization has attracted much debate throughout society today. So many tactics are being tested to try and raise economies in underdeveloped countries and this is just one. Some appose to the idea while others are extremely excited about it. There have been both pros and cons seen when it is put in action but overall the pros out way the cons. I predict that we will be seeing more and more economic globalization as our nation progresses and hopefully we can bring the underdeveloped countries with
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