Airplane Restrictions Essay

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Stormie Curry I think that airplane security laws should be more restrictive for the items they let on a plane. I think this because airplane security lets people have knifes guns and other weapons on an airplane in their checked baggage. Gases, torches, aerosols, and our own water, and other flammable objects are not permitted on airplanes. ( .They are not permitted because they could blow up or start a fire on the plane. And also, our water that we bring is not permitted because someone could use it to make a bomb. (News) Also, certain chemical are not allowed on the plane either because people could be allergic to them or because people could make bombs with them. Explosives are also not permitted. I think that no weapons should be allowed on an airplane, because somebody could use those weapons in other places, to harm other people. I think that security guards should check everybody, even if they walk through the scanner and nothing comes up. I think this because people could be smuggling in items that are illegal in our country or in other countries. I also think that this could help reduce the amount of crime in the United States and possibly other countries. From 1986 to 2009 there have been 623,454 arrests for drug smuggling. (Justice) In 1986, 19,884 people were arrested and in 2009 there were 30,567 arrests. (Justice) This is a difference of 10,683 people who have been arrested for drug smuggling. The amount of drug smuggling has gone up by 4.9 percent since 1986. In 2009 the amount of drugs that were seized was 717,804 kg of drugs. September 11, 2001 an airplane was hijacked and crashed into the twin towers. This killed about 3,000 people. Because of this accident, the Transportation Stormie Curry Security Administration was created. ( It was created to prevent hijackings and help strengthen our transportation systems.

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