Bioterror Swot Analysis

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Bioterror Worksheet 1. Ebola, Marburg, and smallpox were discussed in addition to anthrax. 2. Anthrax is a bacterial infection that has been transformed into a biological weapon. This microbe can enter the body in three ways. It can be inhaled, it can enter through cuts and travel through the bloodstream, or it can be digested by eating contaminated foods. No matter which way anthrax enters the body, it always ends up in the lungs. 3. The sample of anthrax that was received by Senator Daschle was composed of tiny electrostatic particles. They were small enough to enter the lungs and attach to tissues of the alveoli. Also these particles would disperse and become invisible, making them impossible to track down the source.…show more content…
The Iraq government got their biological agents from Russia. This is a problem because it shows that more agents are being made in order to be sold, which in turn, poses a great threat. 7. The U.S. focused on non-contagious bioweapons for several reasons. First, they wanted to attack a precise region with these weapons. With a contagious agent, the disease could spread past the designated area and cause unwanted harm. For example, if the army wanted to attack a single building in an urban area, they could use it in a grenade form in that house along. The disease would not spread because it is not contagious. 8. The purpose of incapacitating agents is not to kill anyone, its purpose it to injure everyone. These agents cause people to have serious physiological of mental effects that restrict them from doing their duties. For example, an incapacitating agent was used on a certain town to prevent they town from voting on election day. 9. The problem with constructing biological weapons is that the result is uncertain. People could produce a disease so destructive that it could wipe out the entire human race. 10. Bioterrorism is more of a threat because it cannot be traced. Anyone in our country could be pain off to release a lethal contagious agent to the public, and the effects will be

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