Persuasive Essay: Should Pilots Be Armed?

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Should Pilots be armed? Should pilots have weapons on the plane? That question has been asked many times since September 11, 2001. I think they should. This is because the pilot is the only person you can rely on when flying in there plane. Your life is in the pilots hands from the moment you step foot on the plane. They should do anything necessary to keep themselves and all the passengers and the crew safe. If that means carrying weapons, then so be it. Many say that they don’t want to see any type of guns on a plane, no matter if they are in a pilots hand or not. I do see where a lot of people are coming from when they say a statement like that, they are afraid that the gun will fall into the wrong persons hand and something in which we thought was a good idea will get blown out of proportion. That is a slight possibility because if someone was to enter the cockpit the pilots, who would also be trained in that field, would apprehend that person to make sure he/she is taken into custody. As I mentioned before, the pilots’ job is to fly the plane safely to the desired destination and get everyone there unharmed. While up in the air he/she must do what ever is needed to make that statement come true. I look at the air the same way as I look at the waters we…show more content…
Though many people say guns aren’t the answer and pilots should not have them, but if the pilots did have a gun then some not all but some of the terrorist acts could have been avoided. For example the plane that was headed for the White House but was taken down in Pennsylvania because of the heroic acts of the passengers who risked there lives to save others. If the pilot was armed he could have gotten rid of the terrorists and that plane could have landed on a strip and those brave souls could have walked off that plane a hero, but now they are just remember in
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