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Maria Terzopoulos American Literature/ U.S. History II Mr. McCabe/ Ms. D’Urso / Mrs. Weller May 11, 2012 9/11 After 9/11 both the Transportation Security Administration, also known as the TSA, and the American government changed security procedures in airports in order to safeguard Americans from future attack. Since the adaptions, there has been no terrorists attacks on American soil. While cities’ claim that these TSA measures are an infringement on personal freedom, the law remains that the country is now a safer place. On the morning of September 11, 2001, a tragic day impacted American history, changing the lives of many people. The 19 members of the Islamic terrorist group of Al Qaeda prepared for a devastating, deadly assault…show more content…
This “random selecting” is when they choose one passenger from each flight and take you to the side for more security measurers. There are three ways to become a "human element”. The first is determined on how a passenger looks, and how security feels about a person’s look. The second and third ways are much fairer ways of determination. The pat down, another one of the ways of selecting, is when they take a traveler to the side after they have gone through the metal detector, and pat the traveler down with their hands to make sure they had not hidden anything that the metal detector did not catch or even the full body scanner. The third way of determining is when there is a little mark on a traveler’s ticket in which they are told to come with a flight attendant to another room where they pat you down again; and empty out all of the personal belongings from your carry on. Has Devlin’s Angle…show more content…
Many little things pose threats on traveler’s safety of flying. One of these they call the 3-1-1, which limits the content and use of carry-ons. The regulations are three once liquid or gel containers, one plastic bag for your liquids and one bag per traveler placed in the screening bins. If in doubt of the amounts of liquids always then put them in luggage that is sent to the plane right away. Also sharp items, such as box cutters, are not allowed because it prevents injuries from happening to others and inspectors. However, there is one exception, which is scissors with a blade size of one inch long. Guns and fires arms are not prohibited, but tools are, except for ones that are seven inches or less, and of course your common lighter without any fluid in it is allowed, (Transportation Security Administration, Make Your Trip Better Using 3-1-1). All these regulations make travelers flying experience better, even though they can not bring liquids of there own, the TSA is here to make sure they are comfortable in every

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