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Having the Right Stuff How does someone describe the right stuff? First of all not everyone has the right stuff for everything. In the book “The Right Stuff”, by Tom Wolfe, Wolfe talks about having the right stuff for flying. Someone who has the right stuff is brave to take on a mission that could be their last, continue on even though many friends have sacrificed their lives, and does not quit. “The Right Stuff “by Tom Wolfe is about pilots having the right stuff for flying. One of the main characters is Pete Conrad, he just graduated college and has enter the Navy as a pilot. At his first duty station he was rushed to the scene of a downed jet as the on call safety guy. The downed pilot was his friend and colleague Bud Jennings. “Pushing the outside of the envelope” (Wolfe, p. 8) was a phrase that often used by the pilots in this book. This phrase meant they would push their jet to it limits. Most of them would survive but a couple did not such as one let his air speed drop too low and crashed and another was coming in for a landing doing a ninety degree turn and the controls failed and he also crashed. Even though many friends and colleagues have died, the main character Conrad still kept flying. Throughout the book, Conrad had a lot of friend’s crash and die. Even though he knew every time he would get into a jet it could be his last he still got into it. He never showed fear of dying in his jet. When Conrad joined the Navy he had never worn his bridge coat. The bridge coat “was the most stylish item in the Navy Officer’s wardrobe.”(Wolfe, p. 7) From that day on he wore his bridge coat more than he care to wear it. He moved to another duty location and with a different jet but the same things happened. His new friends would have the same fate as his old ones. Even though Conrad had a lot of friends that met their fate he still continued to strive to be his

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