Every Little Hurricane Short Story

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Landale Brown English 14 (D04) Essay #1 Prompt: “What do you see that represent home when reading the story?” Throughout the story "Every Little Hurricane" and "Because My Father Always Said He Was The Only Indian Who Saw Jimi Hendrix Play The Star Spangled Banner At Woodstock" Alexis explore the nature of home through happiness and scant. growing up on the reservation was a matter of survival for Victor and his family, for victor it was the bad times that make the good times feels good, victor witness it all he was accustomed to life on the reservation, he was accustomed to alcoholic family member, fighting, not having enough food to eat or having proper health care, thus for many this would bring anger and discomfort however for victor…show more content…
Victor stated that “Somehow my father’s memories of my mother grew more beautiful as their relationship became hostile” (pg.27) nothing was censored at home, victor was aware of everything that was going on, he saw his parents fight and he also heard them making love on many occasion. Victors parents relationship was really tested by all the stroms that touch down on the reservation, alcohol and jimmy Hendrix music was not enough to suppress the pain of poverty for victors father, he went out and bought a motorcycle and took on a new journey. His decision to leave home had a huge effect on the home that he previously created for victor and his mother, it had more of an impact on victor, because he use to stay up and set the scene so he could bond with his father listening to jimmy Hendrix. Victor had hopes that his father would come back home, some nights he would stay up listening for his pickup, but was all in victors

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