Advocacy Video Powerful Friends

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Response paper Advocacy In the Advocacy video Powerful Friends, it is stated that 55% of children in the US receive care outside of the home. We as educators and care givers, need to speak up for children, we need to protect powerless children. Powerless children need powerful friends. Advocating and speaking up for the children in our care as well as their families. We need to vote and choose and also encourage others to vote and choose as well. We need to advocate for the children and education, as the children have the most to lose. Childcare workers state that the number one reason that they stay in their job is because of the love of the children. In the PowerPoint, the information on advocating for education and children is given. Why should we advocate, the goal of early childhood advocacy is to improve the lives of infants and toddlers, their families, and our community by influencing legislators and policy makers opinions, decisions and actions concerning early childhood. Advocates build relationships with others, plead the cause on behalf of others and are persuasive. Advocates give information to legislators, elected officials, and decision-makers. Advocates identify problems that need to be addressed-contact legislators and encourage them to guide the bill through the legislative process. Advocates differ from lobbying because lobbyists are paid, and because teachers are governmental employees that are prohibited by law in many states from lobbying. How to advocate, first thing is to know how decisions are made / bills become law, get acquainted with your representative, study the proposed issue, decide your method for advocacy i.e.: social media, letter, phone call, and also join a group with
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