Issues That Affect Social Work Essay

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| Top Five Issues Facing Social Workers Today | Assignment: 2 | 5/15/2013 | Social workers are the forefront of policies that reduced working hours, restricted child labor, and creating public health clinics improving conditions for low-income families. These changes known as movement called "The Progressive Movement" of the 1960's and early 1970's. Social workers are more aware than that of people of challenged directly by children and families living in poverty, the inadequacy of the “safety net” of human services and challenges experienced by those with disabilities. Social workers show true appreciation for human diversity and understand how social identities affect access to resources. Dedicated social workers who remain ethical will use their position and privilege to work towards a greater equality, following the tradition of striving for solutions. The mission of a social worker is to see the whole picture, the one that rankings do not show, and to advocate those in need. [Lorraine Gutierrez, PhD, LMSW] The top social justice issues facing social workers today include celebrating diversity, child welfare, healthcare reform, poverty, economic injustice, and affordable housing. Child welfare continues to fail abused, neglected, and unwanted children living in recent society. Three million child maltreatment reports were on record in 2004 [2005 Census]. Experts believe that this only accounts for one third of actual incidents. Without the occasional child death, most families slip through the cracks all together, tucked away unseen by society. Some communities prefer to keep these images far away, finding comfort in denial as long as no injuries result. Children’s needs are being ignored, a result of society’s perception, “it is a family problem, mind your own business”. Looking at the whole picture, I am seeing history repeating itself

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