Advantages Of Wear School Uniform Essay

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Persuasive Essay Outline—1st period I. Introduction: A. Give individuality or give nudity! B. School uniforms have been a controversial issue for many years. C. Individuality, costs of living, and the economy are far more important than putting uniforms on students. II. First argument or reason to support your position: A. Clothes express the individuality of the student body. B. Individuality and clothing stimulates the brain to spark creativity. (will need research to prove) III. Second argument or reason to support your position: A. Parents and students should be able to spend money on more important things rather than uniforms. B. With school uniforms being required, every kid needs two sets of clothes: school clothes and leisure clothes. IV. Third argument or reason to support your position: A. School uniforms can possibly ruin the economy. B. Uniform companies can become monopolies due to students being forced to wear their clothes, which would raise prices of uniforms even more. V. Opposing Viewpoint: A. School uniform requirements can prevent students from choosing inappropriate clothing. B. Only a small minority of students wear inappropriate clothing. C. Only 5% of students dress inappropriately. VI. Conclusion: A. There are many reasons why school uniforms would not help in bettering everyday school life, for instance: individuality, costs, and the economy. B. Everyone may not like the style of uniforms, so not having them will avoid conflict. C. After being educated, it is simple to take a stance to inform others on the downsides of school

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