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Active Participation What is it? Active Participation is a way of working that recognises individuals’ right to participate in the activities and relationships of everyday life as independently as possible; the individual should be recognised as an active partner in their own care, rather than just a recipient. How can it be encouraged? To encourage active participation you should first work out with the individual the most effective method of communication, as it is essential that they fully understand the choices you are presenting them with. You should offer them the opportunity to make a choice where ever possible, encourage them to make choices and give them praise when they do to help build their confidence. Barriers and ways they can be reduced There are some barriers that may work to prevent active participation but there are also some ways to reduce these barriers. I think one of the most common barriers is when the individual has a poor self-image or a poor self-esteem, it is very important that you support and encourage them so that they feel confident enough to make choices. Another barrier could be the lack of patience of others, it can take time to ensure an individual understands the options and makes a decision, but it is your job to be patient and understanding in these situations, they have a right to equality. Some people you provide care for lack the capacity to make some decisions, in which case you should adapt the choices and the way that you communicate them to suit the individual. The benefits The benefits that active participation has for individuals are numerous; it enables them to live their lives as independently as possible, it maintains their rights to choice, equality and opportunity, it can increase self-esteem and confidence, it can give people a feeling of self-worth and it can help make people’s lives more

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