Unit 4222-216 Support Independance in the Tasks of Daily Living

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Outcome 1 1, Explain how individuals can benefit from being as independent as possible in the tasks of daily living Being independent gives individual a feeling of control over their life. Individual will feel more comfortable, safe and reassured when they can do things for themselves and this also helps to uphold their self-esteem. Independence can help individual to achieve their life goals. Being independent contributes positively to their physical health. Keeping active is good for all of our body systems. Losing independence can have a negative impact on individual health and well-being. 2, Explain how active participation promotes independence in the task of daily living Active involvement in learning to develop life skill can help individual to become independent. Learning in a safe environment and knowing that there is support at hand in case it is needed will give a individual confident and reassurance. Some individual who are being supported in the community will find care worker support and encouragement invaluable. For example, it is better for individual to do shopping and manage at the till independently (unless support is necessary) and this will help to develop their confident and life skills. 3, Describe how daily living tasks may be affected by an individual’s culture or background Daily living tasks may affect those depending on their culture or background, as what someone may have been brought up believing, may not necessarily be accepted as the general view of society within UK in their current times. Gender perception and culture can influence daily living tasks, For example, some might find it more acceptable for women to deliver personal care and tend to household tasks because this is how they were brought up. Some people may feel that certain roles should be male or female. 4, Explain the importance of providing

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