Ways To Reduce Abuse Essay

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Understand ways how to reduce the likelihood of abuse We have to encourage more people to speak up if they feel abuse is taking or has taken place and this will reduce the likelihood of abuse taking place or repeating. The likelihood of abuse can be reduced by: * Working with person-centred values - include the individuality of the person, the rights of the individual, the individual’s choice, the individual’s privacy, the individual’s independence, the individual’s dignity and the individual being respected. If an individual is considered to have a say in what he or she wants and is at the centre of any decision, it will be more unlikely that there is abuse. The individual will know what suits him or her and will not get so frustrated.…show more content…
Active participation is a way of working that recognises an individual’s right to participate in the activities and relationships of everyday life as independently as possible. The individual is regarded as an active partner in their own care or support, rather than a passive recipient. So if the individual participates actively in their daily activities, then the risk of abuse is low. * Managing risk - is about identifying the risks and putting things in place to reduce the risks and make the situation safer, for example, making sure an individual without capacity is chaperoned if they wish to go on a date with another person to ensure the individual is not taken advantage of. Managing risk is a way of working that supports individuals to exercise choices and rights, recognising the balance between managing and enabling independence, choice and control. * Prevention - is about doing everything you can in your role together with the partners you work with to reduce the likelihood of abuse and to put things in place that will prevent it from happening, for example, by you learning about abuse and neglect, you can report things that will prevent them from happening again in the
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