Accountability Of Military Weapons And Gear

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Accountability of Military Weapons and Gear It is very important at all times for a soldier to know where their weapon ,headset or any equipment are. Especially when at war. A soldier without his/her equipment is handicapped, he she can not defend him or herself from enemy fire without having their weapon ready ,nor communicate with people in their convoy without their headset. Having your weapon and headset secure is also a matter of safety. Going out on any mission in the military without necessary equipment is dangerous. A soldier can not be ready to engage the enemy without his/her necessary equipment near and ready. Also when you know where your weapons, headsets, and other equipment are you are providing a good example to other soldiers on how to always keep track of important items. Keeping track of important items is part of a soldier’s many duties. Accountability in the Army is very important. Whether it be with people or with items and weapons. A good military can not function without always having accurate accountability. That also applies to individual soldiers and their gear. I personally appreciate my M16 rifle. It is powerful and efficient. I know that I can use it to protect me if my life is ever threatened. When I have it with me i feel protected. Whether I have a round in the chamber or not. I do not like neglecting to have it with me when I go out because it’s like a part of my body is missing without it at my side. I think the policy of having soldiers carry their weapons with them wherever they go (besides the gym and showers) is a good idea. It helps a soldier remind him or herself that their weapon should always be near them. Forgetting or losing a weapon somewhere is a serious mistake. In general I love weapons, especially pistols and rifles. In the civilian world in certain jobs that require the use of weapons it is unwise

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